Welcome to TE! Radio

Welcome to TE! Radio – The Official Radio Station of Tomasian Entertainment LLC.

Tomasian Entertainment LLC (TE! LLC) is an internet based entertainment company located on the web at tomasianent.com. TE! LLC founded by indie recording and performing artist Tomas is an independent internet based entertainment company which consists of production department, record label, production studio and publishing division.

TE! LLC continues to provide some of today’s hottest groove oriented pop music; educational and affordable collegiate entertainment and exposure of the literary work of up and coming writers.

TE! LLC releases music through 3 label imprints T Dance Digital, T2 Digital Releases and R1 Releases. All music released and/or published by Tomasian Entertainment LLC is available for sync licensing in your film, TV, web, game or live project.


September 1st, 2015